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FW: Note on Henry Joy (no Audi Content)

I know this doesn't have any Audi content, but I thought this email was
so cool, I just had to forward it.  For those that aren't aware, Henry
Joy went off of the last stage at the Prescott Forest rally 2 weeks ago,
destroying his car.  He actually flew as far off the cliff as he went
down, if you can imagine.  Anyway,  the second to last National event is
this weekend, and it's been highly discussed among rallyists, what poor
Henry was going to do. So here's the latest


-mark nelson

BTW - Andy Green just broke the Sound Barrier in the Black Rock desert,
but missed making a new land speed record by one minute!! (60-minute
turn around time, and they did it in 61 minutes)  Go to http://cnn.com
for the sonic boom.

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> Subject: 	Note on Henry Joy
> Henry Joy IV will be at the Lake Superior PRO Rally, and hopes to
> enter as
> a competitor if T.A.D. Motorsports can put together his spare
> Mitsubishi
> Lancer Evolution II shell before the rally later this week.  Henry
> provided
> the following information tonight:
> --Because of the structural strength of the car that was in the crash
> last
> Saturday, the drivetrain, much of the cockpit equipment, and some of
> the
> suspension components were not damaged, and crew chief Murray Thomas
> felt
> that they could get the new car together by the middle of this week.  
> --Joy was offered both Carl Merrill's Ford Escort Cosworth, and Libra
> Racing's 1996 Hyundai Elantra to race this weekend, but felt he would
> be
> more comfortable in a lancer.
> --Because his crash was not caused by a mechanical failure or a mental
> mistake by driver or co-driver, Henry did not feel that he should not
> run
> the rest of the year because of the "off."  "If we had just brushed a
> burm
> or a rock, we wouldn't have even slowed down, and we might have won
> the
> event."
> --Henry talked his decision over with his wife Robbie, and she
> encouraged
> him to pursue the championship until he was mathimatically eliminated.