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RE: Stupid questions from an Audi Newbie

Hi Justin!

No, the 4000 never came with a 10vt, except for the Tresser 4kq's.
Tresser was an aftermarket conversion company that would completely redo
the bodywork and interiors on 5k's and 4k's.  Many of the Tresser 4k's
were known to have come with 10vt's.  Alan Johnson Porsche-Audi in San
Diego (no longer in existence) was the importer for tressers in the US.

It's possible to do the swap to a 10vt.  I'm getting ready to do it in
my '85 4kq.  I just bought a 10vt from an '87 5ktq complete with the
turbo, ECU, and downpipe, which showed up 1.5 weeks ago.  This swap will
involve changing the right side tie rod to clear the turbo, installing a
bigger radiator, intercooler, bigger 5ktq clutch, etc.  I'm sure there
are going to be many miscellaneous issues that will arise while I'm in
the middle of this swap.  In the meantime, I have to finish making the
bracketry for my new bigger brakes, and welding everything up.  I also
have to tackle my sway bar situation.  After this is finished, I'm
taking the car to the body shop to have its owies fixed, get the fenders
rolled, and have it repainted Silver.  During this time I am going to be
building up the 10vt motor with an ABT Sport Cam, composite head gasket,
oversize valves, new pistons, etc., before I transplant the motor.
Still deciding on whether or not to use a stiffer wastegate spring kit
that my dad had made, or Scott M.'s ECU mod.  Fortunately I don't have
to worry about that for a few weeks.  Anyway, I'll be updating the
photos on http://quattro.malebolge.com/audipics when I start doing the
actual engine swap.  Right now I haven't done much in the past couple of
weeks with either of my cars, so nobody's missing anything.  I'm hoping
to have my brakes and suspension finished by the weekend.  We'll see...


-mark nelson

'90 s2 (building for SCCA Pro Rally)
'85 4ktq (finishing the brakes and suspension this week)

<<Sorry if these question have been run into the ground.

1. Was there an Audi 4000 turbo quattro produced for the US? When? Was
a 4 or 5 cylinder?

2. How much effort  would be involved in installing a 5000 turbo engine
into my 4ksq?

3.Has anybody ever done this swap?>>