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RE: Audi Assured????

The best thing you did was get the Audi Assure warranty since dealing
with Brookline VW / Audi.  I had the mis-fortune of purchasing a car (VW
Corrado) from them which three months and hours of studying the Mass
Lemon Law, talking with the Brookline/Boston office of consumer affairs,
and numerous registered letters, etc...  Not only did they refund my
purchase price (less mileage) but then THEY PUT THE CAR BACK ON THE LOT
THAT DAY (caveat emptor).    

Alan Breitman
91 200q Hoppen Chip

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	At 10:54 AM 10/16/97 -0400, you wrote:
	>... But the "it costs NOTHING" is not exactly true.
	>To get the Audi Assured program you have to buy your used Audi
from an Audi
	>dealership, which have not had a great track record of selling
'em cheap. I
	>think the cost of the program is paying a slightly inflated

	That depends on if I think I got a good deal on my car. I think
I did, and
	to my mind, the Audi Assure warranty is gravy. It didn't
actually cost me
	anything (because no one said 'You can have your car under Audi
Assure for
	X dollars') and that feels good to me. (I will say, however,
that the
	dealer did try to scare me into buying a very expensive extended
	saying, "You know, Audis are very expensive to maintain..."
Yeah. I knew
	that. Thanks. ;-)


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