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RE: 1800 rpm vibration solved!

Go one step further; hollow the cat out. Solved all of my problems.
Improved handling, too. You know how everyone blames the cat for all of
the problems in the world. Starving children in Somalia? It's the
catalytic converter's fault............Steve
84 5ksT 1.8bar

On Fri, 17 Oct 1997, Nick Craft wrote:

> I had the rattling cat-shield problem on my previous 5KCST, I fixed it by putting
> a big ol' hose clamp around each end of the shield and tightening them up.
> Might be easier than removing it...
> Nick.
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> Subject:	1800 rpm vibration solved!
> Stuff deleted...
> Anyway, they ended up just welding the ends of the shield to the pipe and it
> only stays put for about a year. Next time I'm going to have the shield removed
> as I really don't generate alot of heat in the cat anyway(it somehow took a hike
> 3 years ago:-)) So to all the other listers with this same 1800 rpm vibration, please
> check your cat. conv. shield when it's hot, using a tool-not your hand to see if there's
> any movement or play. HTH,
> Chad Clark '87 5k Tq