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RE: 1800 rpm vibration solved!

I had the rattling cat-shield problem on my previous 5KCST, I fixed it by putting
a big ol' hose clamp around each end of the shield and tightening them up.
Might be easier than removing it...

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Stuff deleted...

Anyway, they ended up just welding the ends of the shield to the pipe and it
only stays put for about a year. Next time I'm going to have the shield removed
as I really don't generate alot of heat in the cat anyway(it somehow took a hike
3 years ago:-)) So to all the other listers with this same 1800 rpm vibration, please
check your cat. conv. shield when it's hot, using a tool-not your hand to see if there's
any movement or play. HTH,

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq