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re: Removal of 1990 90 Steering Wheel

Fritz Zimmerman writes:

> The next step is to remove the "Horn Button".  Do I need
> to take any precautions, or are there any troubles with my airbag?
> Any help would be appreciated...
On my old 1990 90Q20V (I'm assuming yours will be the same) there
was an easily accesible airbag fuse in a little compartment under
the knee bolster just above the foot-pedals.  Pop off the little
cover and pull out the (yellow - if I remember) in-line fuse holder
and twist to disconnect.  The airbag should then be safe, though
NOTE: the recent recall suggesting the possibility of static
setting the airbag off means you should make sure you've grounded
yourself by touching metal on the car before you take off the
horn pad.  (Again on mine) the 'firing' wire was a simple push-on
connector to the airbag and can be easily removed so you can put
the horn pad & wheel out of the way.