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RE: My Audi vandalized: the estimate

Craig writes about his vandalism estimate:

> Left front seat upper cover (leather)                 $878
> Right front seat lower cover (leather)                $803
> Right front seat upper cover (leather)                $879
> Recovery of front seats (the passenger
>  seat cover that is not damaged)                      $250

Here in Maryland there is a upholstery shop that the dealership
recommends that will re-cover the whole of the front and rear
seats plus door inserts in color-matched leather for $1200 (for
an A4 - maybe slightly more for a larger car).  Still, this
would much less than the estimate you got, and ALL the seats
would match in color and wear.  There are bound to be similar
shops in your area I would think.

BTW the dealership charges $1500 for this work for the privilege
of them getting it done at the same place!

-Mark Quinn