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Re: sport steering wheels - plus: does anyone have A4's in stock?

Ti Kan wrote some interesting stuff on the 'real' '98 A4s, which
was timely for me as I went to my local dealer (Rockville Audi/Porsche
in Maryland) on Friday to look at some.  They didn't have ONE! In fact
there were only two "new" A4s there, both of which were salesmen's
cars (AKA "demonstrators") and were 'old' '98 models.  I checked in the
lot 'round back & they didn't have any there either.  Bang goes those
discounts off list price I thought to myself!

There weren't any salesmen there either, though, to sell me non-existent
cars - at least they're consistent!

There was a poster a month or so back who asked if anyone had stocks of
A4s and a couple people responded in the affirmative.  I wonder if this
state has changed since?

-Mark Quinn