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Free Wheel (was: New Passat)

"Jonathan Linkov" <ValiumNJ@classic.msn.com> wrote:
> WOW!  Nice city to pay for a wheel.  I'll tell ya' that Marion Barry sure 
> ain't dishin' out any tax payer dollars to pay for cars damaged by Shi**y 
> Washington DC roads!  I want to move to where your friend lives!

> > One is supposed brand spanking new, courtesy of the city...

Marion Barry?!  That sounds familiar <he he>, what *does* he spend the
money on?
Or even better:  When you try to claim damage from the roads, does he
"That b*tch set me up!"  I'm terrible, sorry folks...

Seriously, I heard it took a while to get reimbursed.  Encouraging,
tho'.  I also
have another friend that had a wheel replaced on a Sterling from hitting
a pothole.
That check came from the construction company that contracted to repair
the road,
so it might be different.  The OEM wheel was so expensive, he ended up
getting a 
_set_ of aftermarket (cheesy by today's standards) aluminum
"Florenstars", non-chrome.
Same city.

I live there too.  It's the desert, man.  I _don't_ think you want to
live there!  
Sunny, and somewhat smog-free, but windy _all_ the time, and hot in the
And that sand!  Blows all over your car, pitting your windshield and
It blows all right!

I tried to get reimbursed for a stone chipped windshield before, but it
was a big
hassle.  It was easier to sell the truck and move on.


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