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Re: master cylinder question

Ken wrote:

snip, vehicle ID follows

> I pulled the brake (vacuum) booster off my 4ksq and put it on my C-GT


> 3.  And, as if those weren't enough, I think maybe my timing belt is too
> tight
> or something is going out.  There's a brand new water pump on it, and
> there
> is a loose, sloppy, dare-I-say very loaded bearing sound coming from the
> front of the motor at idle.  It's not the BZZZZ-BZZZZ or VVVVV-VVVV of
> the
> timing belt teeth making noise because it's too tight.  It's a loose,
> rattly kind of sound.  Does anyone know what the heck I'm trying to
> describe?

Seems like lotsa listers got "defective" new water pumps. Mine is a Graf
(made in Germany, new build, blue box). I replaced the _first_ new pump
after 75 miles cuz it was noisy. The new new pump is the same way. It
now has 18000 miles on it, and still makes the grind/whine/irritating
noise at ~1050-1100 engine RPM. Seems to be a "feature," a la Microsoft.

'87 4kq, noisy pump
'86 4ks, RWD mechanism "broken"