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911 200qw instrument cluster, Part 2

I'm very happy to write in and award myself the bonehead of the week
award.  The AutoCheck panel illumination bulb that would not light is in
fact bad.  I tested it (or so I thought) by swapping it with the high
beam indicator bulb.  With the bulbs swapped I would turn the instrument
cluster back over, pull the high beam stalk and the indicator would
light.  Well it turns out that the bulb I was swapping with was not the
high beam indicator it was the alternator indicator.  I discovered my
error tonight while taking a second look at everything.  I performed the
same test but without turning the instrument cluster over.  The bulb that
lit up was not the bulb I had just installed.  Bonehead!  At least I
don't have to worry about any additional soldering or tracing of tracks
on the instrument cluster circuit board.  

Before discovering my diagnostic goof, I replaced the door ajar, etc
warning chime to see if it was connected with the seat belt warning light
which was not lighting as it should.  Replacing the chime relay did in
fact cause the seat belt warning light to work again, so I ruled it out
as being related to my previously mentioned bulb problem.  Sitting there
with the relay in my hand and now knowing it does more than just chime, I
wondered if I could open it up and snip a wire to the chime speaker. 
Done.  Turns out there is a little speaker grill which allows access
without disassembling the relay.  So now anything else the relay does
besides chime, works.  So much for tiny details.

Now I wonder where I'm going to find this tiny little bulb/socket with a
little yellow rubber on it???

Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200qw ........................ 87 Coupe GT