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Disc Brake Light

In message <199710201441.KAA06694@coimbra.ans.net> "David Torrey" writes:

> The disc brake light illuminated on my 100 quattro wagon with 59K 
> miles.  Does this light come on based on mileage or on actual wear?  

Wear.  There are wires embedded in the pads that are cut through at a certain
stage of wear.
> My manual says to visit my local Audi dealer for service.  Do I need 
> any special tools to replace pads?

Not the fronts.  Replacing the rears can be tricky as the piston retractor 
needs to rotate the piston during retraction.  I have a _wonderful_ tool made 
out of a TV antenna mast clamp.  

> If there is a sensor should that be replaced as well?

In the new pads.
> I guess it's time to purchase Bentley manual ...


 Phil Payne 
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club