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Re: Wacky Coincidence?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Charles Bryant say:

> After closing the hood, I headed back down the road, happy that no warning 
> lights now flashed.  I got a few miles down the road and, suddenly, I 
> noticed the temp gauge was working.  I assumed that this was just one of 
> those teases that Audi's just seem to LOVE playing on their suffering 
> owners and that the gauge would fail ("properly"?) when I took the car out 
> again.
> The gauge has worked every time now.  Anyone got a feeling as to what I 
> jiggled back into place?  I'm assuming I "fixed" it when I was knocking the 
> antifreeze tank.  Is the sensor anywhere near the tank?

The sensor is mounted to the upper coolant hose near the engine head.
It does start to work randomly for a while. Maybe you're just lucky.
It is *possible* that you had water in the connector, and the thumping
drained it, but I doubt it....


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