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Wacky Coincidence?

Okay folks, here's an "interesting" one...

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the temp gauge on my '89 90Q had stopped 
working on anything but rare occurrences.  Since that it was neither very 
cold, nor very hot at the time, I wasn't overly concerned with the problem.

On Friday, the antifreeze warning light comes on.  I pull over to a stop 
area and whip out the handy-dandy jug of antifreeze that I keep in the 
trunk for just these occasions.  I refilled the reservoir a little full, so 
I proceeded to "tap" out the air bubbles in the tank, just to get the level 
to drop a bit, which it did. I also refilled both washer tanks, since I'd 
just purchased some "Rain-X" fluid in response to the oh-so-cute fountain 
indicator which had also come on recently

After closing the hood, I headed back down the road, happy that no warning 
lights now flashed.  I got a few miles down the road and, suddenly, I 
noticed the temp gauge was working.  I assumed that this was just one of 
those teases that Audi's just seem to LOVE playing on their suffering 
owners and that the gauge would fail ("properly"?) when I took the car out 


The gauge has worked every time now.  Anyone got a feeling as to what I 
jiggled back into place?  I'm assuming I "fixed" it when I was knocking the 
antifreeze tank.  Is the sensor anywhere near the tank?

 Charles S. D. Bryant
 802.865.9974 (Fax)