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HELP!! (exhaust problem)

 My '89 200 (early production) has had a problem since I bought it in Jan 
'97.  Twice already studs have broken on the exhaust manifold ( at least 
that is what I've been told, the car really sound like a freight train in 
the morning, the noise lessens as the car warms up-but never goes away), 
and now my mechanic tells me that the car probally overheated at some 
point (with the previous owner) and I should replace the exhaust 
manifold, as the studs will probably keep breaking (he said the manifold 
is curling out on the ends, and will never seat properly).

What are my options?  Did my car come with the "two-piece" manifold?  
What are the two pieces and how does it differ from the early type 44 
cars?  Are there any aftermarket options (performance oriented-but I do 
have to pass a smog test in Maryland, and I'm  interested in something 
very noisy)?  Anyone out there with a manifold to sell/trade?  Anyone 
been in the same boat?

P.S. - The last time he fixed it he pulled the head (said it would be 
less of a headache) and replaced the head gasket while he was in there.  
I'm assuming he'll pull the head again.  Can the head gasket be re-used?  
I have some lifter noise around 4-5.  Should I replace the lifters as 
well while the head is off?  Does Raceware make exhaust manifold bolts?  
Anyone used thier products?


'89 200 quattro freight train
'86 5000  turbo slushie (fast and quiet)