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Re: Fuel Dist. Rebuild

> Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 09:32:18 -0600
> From: Russell S Southerlin <Russell.S.Southerlin@lmco.com>
> Subject: Re: Fuel Dist. Rebuild
> Phil,
> I am having that failure mode that you warned about where some injectors
> squirt all the time.
> Do you know what causes this? I do have a small wrinkle/indentation in the
> metal sepatating gasket in the bore for #3 injector. Could this cause this?
> I was also noticing that the metal separating gasket has a slight
> indentation for each of the five injector ports. It looks like the fuel
> pressure from under the gasket has pushed the gasket up against the
> injector port causing the gasket to dent slightly. Is this normal?

Probably the rubber O-ring, that is on the side of the metering barrel, around
that steel clip at the metering slit, got sheared during assembly. Oil all the
O-rings before assembly. I put mine together 3-times before it worked for me.
I used a non-curing gasket paste on the steel diaphragm for sealing.
I also had the indentations on the steel diaphragm.
As for the low system pressure, have checked the performance of the pump,
volume and pressure, as described in the Bentley mnual?

Good luck, Peter

Peter E. Orban
National Research Council of Canada
e-mail: peter.orban@nrc.ca