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Thank you & parts

Last week I Posted 2 questions to the main list and the NW list. One
about a-arm bushings and one about a freinds wrecked 86 4kcsq (I forgot
the year the first time).
Because of the reply's that we got on the wreck, the insurance company
is rethinking totaling his car. Won't know for a couple of days.
The a-arm bushing replys were quite helpfull and Pat and I were able 
to heat them up, press them out, (with the help of a homemade tool)
and reinstall new ones quite easily. We only had to hacksaw one.
Again, Thank you for all the help.
Still looking for a intake boot off of a 81-83 5000 turbo or maybe a
UR-q's. Please reply direct.

Pete (not on the main list) Kunzler
86 4000cs q