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Rims and chips for a 200q 20v

I need some advice from the list.  I have two questions:

1)  Does anyone have any suggestions on rims for a 1991 200q sedan with UFO 
brakes.  If you have installed aftermarket rims, could you give me the brand, 
size, offset, and tire size used.

2)  I am lucky enough to live 40 miles from Ned Ritchie's Intended 
Acceleration shop.  I am considering doing the Stage Three modification to my 
car.  Could anyone that has done this give me their opinion on what the 
positives and negatives are.  Did you need to do any other modifications, such 
as an S4/6 head gasket, silicone intercooler hoses etc.?

You can contact me at deputer@msn.com if you do not feel the list would be 

Thanks in advance!  This list is great for Audi owners.  The only problem is 
that when someone describes a problem, it always sounds familiar, and 
therefore turns out to be expensive!

Dave Puterbaugh
Gig Harbor, Wa
1991 200q sedan, 60k, bone stock for now