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Formula Audi

     I read in Motoring News that Jonathan Palmer (ex-F1 TV commentator) 
     and Audi are getting together to develop a new Formula in the UK. The 
     aim is provide an "affordable" stepping stone to F1. Some of the 
     - 1.8 Turbo charged engines (didn't say if it was the 20V). Rated at 
       250 hp with a 5 second over boost feature that the drivers can 
       enable 3 times a race - good for an extra 20 hp (can you say Indy 
       Car). More HP than F3, and probably faster than next years F1 cars;) 
     - Team of 40 to prepare/run the cars, drivers are randomly allocated   
       the cars on race day.
     - Ven Diemen chassis.
     - 85K GBP for the season.
     - Points awarded for qualifying and race results. Top 6 qualifiers 
       start in reverse order.
     - I believe 8 raaces are scheduled, with a couple of them double 
       headers, 30-36 laps duration. 
     - One of the races will have a rolling start, cool. (and 50% of the 
       laps will be set aside for the pace car... )
     - Makes me want to return to Blighty.
     Regards, Mike