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Re: Temp Sensors


The sensor on top of the flange is the coolant temp sensor
for the idle stabilizer/decel valve control unit, the other
sensor at the front of the cylinder head behind the pump 
bracket is the coolant temp sensor for the Engine Control
Unit. The specs for the sensors are ~130 ohms at 176
degrees F, ~1000ohms at 68F, ~6000 ohms at -4F. You should
remove the wiring harness lead when testing the resistance
of the sensor.

Scott M.

> Subject: Temp Sensors
> Date: Tuesday, October 21, 1997 2:36 AM
> On my '87 5ktq, there are two temperature sensors at the
flange at 
> the top of the cylinder head.  One is on top and the
other is 
> slightly hidden behind the hydraulic pump mounting
bracket.  They are 
> single pin sensors.  Can someone inform me which sensor
> what circuit? P/N on both is 049 919 501. TIA!
> Rudy C.
> 87 5ktq