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5K Mech. odometer fix

...   The odometer on the car is no longer functional. 
> The
>speedo is fine, but no odometer.  Any ideas on how I can get this 

Yes.  Read carefully.  I've repaired two of these with good success.  The
is that the odometer shaft gets pulled out by friction with the worm
gear.  You
can just push it back in and the worm gear will engage but it won't last
very long.  
What I do is this.  I drill a very small hole (3/32") in the plastic
speedo chassis and
insert a small sheet metal screw in the hole.  I dull the end on a
grinder first so it
won't dig into the gear.  I put a little dab of multi-purpose grease on
the face of the gear to make it work slick and I put it all back

Paul Anderson, Cheyenne, WY  87 5000SQ, 85 5000S, 84 5000CST, 
                                                         82 VW Quantum,
78 Fiat Spider
                                                         87 Merkur XR4Ti 
All owner maintained and repaired