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Help exorcising SUV deamons

Rant starts
The G. Wagoneer is nearing (at end) of useful life.  This was
originally sig other's vehicle.  Armed with new high paying
job in "financial services", she's gonna get something new.
We start talking about options and she drops names like 
Pathfinder, Expedition, etc.

Normally, I'm a rational person, but the topic of SUVs makes
me boil.  If you've got a valid reason to own one, I can see the
point, maybe.  But if you need it 10-15 times a year to hall people,
stuff, etc., its a high price to pay (gas, repair, and environment wise).

I, on the other hand, see this as a great opp for adding a
100q or A6q wagon.  Then she drops the other "foot", "I feel
safe" in the Jeep and want something like it (heard by me as
I wanna drive the biggest, heaviest beast on the road so I can
go around without worrying what I hit, or what hits me).  Jeep
shows the battle scars.
Rant ends.

If there is anyone out there with some real-world facts I can use to
exorcise the SUV deamon.  She really is a nice woman, wouldn't hurt a thing
. . .
I think private email is best (unless you think the list would benefit).
A lister that has a Q or QW and also an SU_  would be great.

Please no other rants/wild ideas considering I've already thought,
A6q wagon still at local dealer.  What the hell, only 500/mo.  She mentions
the S word one more time, and I'm off to sign the papers.  Hey, maybe this
isn't so wild after all?  See what I mean.

MJ Murphy
89 100
anybody done a sedan to wagon conversion on a 5000/100q?