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5000tq Mods

Last week, I had the chance to ride in the newest version of Eric
Fletcher's 87 5000tq.  I must say that I am very impressed with the
power that the new setup makes.  Although I am not at liberty to discuss
the full specifics of the car, I will discuss the general gist of it. 
When Eric started to make changes recently, he told me that he was going
to increase the turbo size.  I laughed and thought that the car would be
a slug off of the line due to severe lag.  The non K26 turbo was much
smoother and more progressive without the excessive lag associated with
larger turbos.  When I checked the boost gauge, I think I was seeing
76inches max with stock boost at 2200rpm and 2 bar at 2800rpm.  Not
bad.  I think that some of the creidit goes to the computer that was
programmed, yes programmed, to give this response.  I'm pretty sure that
this box, of which there are two or three in existance, are the first to
be actually programmed with new code.  Having driven in the car
basically back to back between the old box and the new box.  There is no
comparison.  When/if the programmer ever decides to offer these to the
general Audi public, no serious "tweeker" would be without one in their

The acceleration was excellent off the line, but on the highway it was
phenominal.  The power would level out for a second or two and the jet
pulled up behind because it felt like very few other cars I have seen,
and htey were not sedans.  It could get scary with that kind of highway
performance.  Since I have a 5ktq sitting around waiting for something,
I know that one day, this is the path I would take.  Darn V8 eats up all
my cash!  Sort of.

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320
1987 5000 tq in waiting

Saint Louis, Missouri