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RE: Lights in 5000/200 front bumper?

I've done this, but I've found aiming the lights I put in there difficult 
as they have no built-in adjustment, and you have to keep taking the bumper 
on and off to fiddle with them. Maybe the original poster could let us know 
how he did this?

There's plenty of space inside the bumper.

On my '89 200Q, the turn signal bulb holders can simply be unplugged from 
the original turn signals and plugged right into those useless "parking 
lights" i.e. the inboard part of the headlamps. Of course you need to 
replace the original turn-signal bulbs with orange ones. I got mine at Pep 

Nick Craft

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Subject:	Lights in 5000/200 front bumper?

Yesterday someone mentioned moving the turn signals in the front bumper to
the front corners and mounting driving/fog lights in that space. This seems 
like a brilliant idea.

Have many people done this? How deep is the space there once the lights are 
taken out?

Very curious,
Rob Winchell
91 200Q
87 4kCS