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RE: Lights in 5000/200 front bumper?

Nick Craft <ncc@scr.siemens.com> wrote:
>Subject: RE: Lights in 5000/200 front bumper?
>I've done this, but I've found aiming the lights I put in there difficult 
>as they have no built-in adjustment, and you have to keep taking the bumper 
>on and off to fiddle with them. Maybe the original poster could let us know 
>how he did this?
>There's plenty of space inside the bumper.
>On my '89 200Q, the turn signal bulb holders can simply be unplugged from 
>the original turn signals and plugged right into those useless "parking 
>lights" i.e. the inboard part of the headlamps. Of course you need to 
>replace the original turn-signal bulbs with orange ones. I got mine at Pep 

Interesting. I've thought about putting lights in this area too,
particularly since I lost a set mounted under the bumper. Converting the
city lights to turn signals is an interesting thought. It's not an ideal
place for a turn signal, since it's too close to the headlamp, but other
cars have had similar configurations.

Do the lights that fit in the space provided actually deliver enough
additional light to warrant the work? Or is putting a pair of *small*
projector fogs under the bumper just as useful? (I always figured that
those projector lamps were mostly for show...)

Currently (hee hee) I run the city lights as DRLs with them switched to the
ignition, and with higher wattage bulbs. Its also not ideal, since the
lenses suck (surprise), and occasionally and oncoming car thinks my high
beams are on...

I really don't want to go in there *again* and f&ck around with the wiring
some more...why didn't I just buy the durn Euro lamps two years ago?

Anybody have a set of real Euro lamps cheap for my 200?