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Steering Column Switch

Welcome to the list!!!!!

You wrote:
>My turn signal/high beam stalk flops around aimlessly fore and aft,
therefore, the brights are always on unless I manually hold the stalk
back halfway, which is very inconvienient.

>Looking for advice:  Any cheap fixes without replacing the whole
steering column switch assembly?  If not, where can I get one cheaper
than from Audi?

A common problem on the 5K's. Mine has been like that for almost a year
now. I haven't got into it to see exactly what the cause is. 

A cheap fix: A carefully engineered wad of paper shoved in front of the
stalk will hold it back. If you design it properly (match books work
well) you can even adjust it so that the brights stay on with a slight
tug on the stalk.

I think someone at Audi screwed up when they designed this mechanism
with a failure mode like this.

87 5KTQ