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Stock CIS, running out of gas at 2 bar?

You wrote:
>I don't know if the fuel distributor plunger
continues to output more fuel all the way to the top of the
plate travel or if it tops out earlier.

I think from taking my fuel dist apart (maybe something good can come
from destroying a fuel dist.) that once the plunger clears the top of
internal slits that meter fuel to the injectors you would not deliver
more fuel to the injectors with increased plunger travel given a steady
state lambda circuit (I don't know how you could determine this point
except by measuring plunger height). But you could deliver more fuel via
the lambda circuit. If the ECU detected a lean condition I think it
would try to correct it by changing the dwell on the lambda circuit
unitil it was at a full rich condition (OXS F/V full open) in which case
if the plunger was at full travel you would have max fuel delivery.

87 5KTQ