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Soon to go off-list - white guage faces

This is where we stand for people interested so far. As I said, I have a
retailer I won't name that will spring for 12 sets. From this point I'll
wait a week for anyone else looking for a set. I'm looking into the 89-91
guages as that will be the next car I'll buy for the wife. I've received
enough inquiries to see that whomever would want to do the 4Kq/early Urq
guages would probably have an easy time getting together a group purchase -
but I'll leave that bandwagon for someone else.

I need at least 6-7 more people to make this work. After I get commitments,
we'll work out details for how to pay. I get nervous when I consider the
total cost of this project. Hopefully NRAuto will take it on faith if we
present them with names, etc and a guage set.

Dave H. - 1 set
Eric F. - 2 sets
Alex K. - 1 set
Todd C. - 1 set (at least) plus 4Kq guage donate.
Tony L. - 1 set
Brett A. - 1 set

Mike V. - Maybe
S. E. S - 91 200

I know we've got more 5KCS turbo and turbo quattro owners out there... (yes,
the turbo guages are the same)...

********************************AUDI FAN***********************************
                                   EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
87 5KCStq 209K miles                1.85 or so... bar 
    qcusa #3442                 Maitland, Florida