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Re: Audi content (fairly long)

> Other interesting details about this person; He had a history of
> driving
> without a license that dated back to 1978, he had 3 children here in
> the
> states and "several" illegitimate children in his home country, he had
> been in a serious accident one year previous to our "interaction" and
> had sustained injuries that he was still undergoing therapy for(can
> you
> say pre-existing condition?), he has not been gainfully employed for
> 10
> years(according to the IRS, no taxes), all in all a sterling
> individual.
> My point?  Be as prepared for this as you can.  If you had any
> witnesses
> find them.  If you think your appointed attorney is an idiot call the
> insurance co. and see if they can find you another.  Sorry to say

Hmmmm....  I knows dis guy name "Vinney" that specializes in sweeping
guys like that into oblivion.  Want his number?  ;-)    HEY   D'AMATO!
You're Italian right?  Looking for some work "on the side"?   ;-)   hehe

On a serious note, I'm sorry to hear about the bad experience....   I'm
not sure I would have handled it quite so well.  I'm not normally the
violent type, but I would have been thinking about making an exception
in that case.  ;-)



'90 CQ20V