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Re: Re: 5000tq Mods

10/23/97 11:49 AM scottmo@teleport.com

>> Last week, I had the chance to ride in the newest version
>>of E.F.87 5000tq.  I must say that I am very impressed
>> with the power that the new setup makes.  Although I am
>> not at liberty to discuss the full specifics of the car, <snip> 
>Well, until you are at liberty to discuss the full
>specifics, we can do without this useless info-mercial for
>E.F. Inc.

#1 it's not an infomercial.... I have no desire to sell any of these 
mods.......  NONE.  There are at most going to be three cars running this 
setup, That's it.

#2 The at Liberty comment is from the computer reprogrammer.  I'm in the 
process of testing chips, when we have it nailed it will be up to them to 
do with it what they want. I not selling it, all I get is free chips 
programmed the way I want them.

#3 Anyone that e-mails me privatly will get info on the mods, Let me just 
say this though, what I have in the car now will outrun just about any 
other MC engine around. Especially any of the "Rs2" wannabe's.........  
Even Ned is damned impressed.

>Ditto on the Dave Lawson comments regarding the
>"programmed" boxes, I've had one in my car since 10/96.

Well chippendude......... I know for a fact what is being done in my box 
is much more extensive than your Qlcc chip (which I do belive you 
sell....)  Does your mod provide over 16psi of boost in FIRST gear with 
no brake torquing? 2nd through 5th gear gives 26psi of boost.  And yes I 
have the fuel to support that boost as evidenced by my Exhaust Gas Temp 
readings of 1325F peak temp.  We did more than just raise the boost limit.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
'87 5KCSTQ with WAY too many toys
St. Louis, MO