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Re:5000TQ Mods

I prolly would have capitalized the following excerpts from Dave's post, but
I really don't want to hear about it later.

"I guess what irritates me is that many people have done a _lot_ of work on
the code, and shared it FREELY with personnel on the list in pursuit of
increased Audi performance - now suddenly someone want to profit from their
latest version. I pay enough to my dealer without getting gouged anywhere

I have and will continue to offer assistance to this list without regard to
profit margin - this is my hobby."

The connection I feel with this statement is the same as the bond between the
four rings that adorn a few of my cars.  My TQC would not be in the shape it
is nor the performance level its were it not for alot of other people I met
through this wonderfully FREEflowing medium.  While I readily appreciate the
low run volume and high setup costs of some of the parts supplied, but I also
have received parts from many people on this list at prices that had to be
breakeven or less, AudiDudis recent fiches a prime example.  (insert Ben,
Chris, Dan, Dave, Paul, etc. here)

My motto is that "retail is for other people", I believe in "maintaining the
integrity" but sometimes it seems to translate into "maintain the gravy
train" (insert your worst Audi part nightmare here!).   I am also somewhat
addicted to 3 squares a day and a roof over my head, which is why  I have
never purchased a new Audi, though a turbo quattro A3 would get me to pull
the trigger, but, by the same token I won't hesitate to pull a boneyard piece
and send it off to someone I never met, or even dig into my personal stash of
parts or knowhow to save someone else a bit of the OOOWWWDDEEE experience.
 In turn I work with and refer people to those who have done the same for me.

I certainly hope nothing changes the relationships I have with the people I
already deal with, while at the same time I look forward to expanding group
to include people I will deal with in the future.


PS.  Dave, don't I have a beige  sport Alacantra 5000 interior of yours?!