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Re: TQ low oil press

Andrew outlined the following;

"So I put an oil pressure sender from a 1984 Coupe into my
1983 UrQ. Teed in w/ brass and teflon tape to retain the 0.3
bar pressure switch. Ignorance was bliss. The gauge reads 1.2
Bar at hot idle and 2.5 bar at hot high speeds. This doesn't
sound good. All my other Audis had super high oil pressure." 

Not sure what you did here "teeing" in a line,  it should be a simple swap.  I
put Coupe GT gauges and senders in my TQC.  The GT oil pressure sender comes
with 2 connections, one to the gauge and one to the stock dash idiot light.
You may have the wires connected improperly, thus the funky readings, or a
sender that is meant for a light only and not for a guage.  My TQ will run 1.5
bar at idle and 4 bar at 3000, with 30 weight, add .5 bar for 50 weight.