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Correct way to paint Ur-Quattro -82

Hi all,

I am restoring an Ur-Quattro model 1982 (European spec.) and need input on how this model came painted when new.

My car is painted in Mars Red (but has had a full re-paint in the late -80's). Since I now spend a considerable sum on a new paintwork,  I would like to get as close to the original spec. as possible.

1. Should the vents on C-pillar be painted body-colour or black (same black as the boot-lid and side window fittings)? I have seen Mars Red -83 model cars with body colour as well as a Mars Red -81 model car with black painted vents. What is the correct scheme for a European 1982 model?

2. Should the colour behind the rear registration plate (on boot lid) be black or body colour?

3. My car came without any Audi artwork on the doors (Audi Rings) or any other stripes etc. Should my car have any other 'artworks' besides the Audi Rings or where these special order fittings? What is the correct procedure to fit the Audi Rings on the doors (position on door, measurements, etc.)?

4. A clear coat was applied to the car (only on red paint, not on black parts) when purchased. Is this the original way of sealing the Mars Red paintwork or an add-on? If original, should the clear coat be applied after or before fitting the Audi Rings on the doors?

5. What colour should the wheels (rims) be painted with? Colour code?

Perhaps someone have access to the original paint schemes for these cars and would be able to shed light on this matter? Colour codes would also be appreciated if available.

Please reply privately as well as to the list - I am not reading all of the list messages...



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