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RE: Correct way to paint Ur-Quattro -82

From: 	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net on behalf of Jonas Sultan

If anybody knows for sure I will stand corrected, but as far as I know -

>1. Should the vents on C-pillar be painted body-colour or black (same black 
>as the boot-lid and side window fittings)? I have seen Mars Red -83 model 
>cars with body colour as well as a Mars Red -81 model car with black >painted 
vents. What is the correct scheme for a European 1982 model?
The 'C' pillar vents should be body colour, the ends of the vents in the front 
spoiler (where the holes end but the depressions continue) should be filled in 

>2. Should the colour behind the rear registration plate (on boot lid) be 
black >or body colour?
This is a good one, I have seen both on early quattros. Later ones with the 
'glass boot should have a sheet of self-adhesive black vinyl behind the plate.
>3. My car came without any Audi artwork on the doors (Audi Rings) or any 
>other stripes etc. Should my car have any other 'artworks' besides the Audi 
>Rings or where these special order fittings? What is the correct procedure to 
>fit the Audi Rings on the doors (position on door, measurements, etc.)?
Should have door rings and stripes. 1 stripe around the top of the front and 
rear bumper surrounds, becoming double (1 thick + 1 thin) along the swage line 
part way up the doors, and another around the bottom of the front and rear 
bumper surrounds (spoilers). I have been told that the backing paper on 
genuine Audi rings acts as a template for fixing.
>4. A clear coat was applied to the car (only on red paint, not on black 
parts) >when purchased. Is this the original way of sealing the Mars Red 
paintwork >or an add-on? If original, should the clear coat be applied after 
or before >fitting the Audi Rings on the doors?
I suspect it is an add-on.

>5. What colour should the wheels (rims) be painted with? Colour code?
They should be silver, I dont know the code.

Are you sure that the car is Mars red? Mars red actually has an almost orange 
colour. The original code should be on a paper label in the boot fixed under 
the parcel shelf, mine is LY3D which I am told is called Tornado Red.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro