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Testing the S4

AutoWeek NL tests the new S4 in this week's issue, and they're impressed.
'We can say that around Nuernberg several BMW drivers are close to a
nervous breakdown. The symptoms: a bright-yellow station wagon burnt into
their retinas, and waking up at night, sweating and agonizing about
enormous speed differentials..' But going fast was not the only thing they
tested- they thought the handling enormous fun and very
What they didn't like: the manual A/C didn't seem to be able to demist the
windows properly, and the clutch was very heavy. It appears that Holland
will get the automatic A/C only, where this is not an issue.

They also tested the new A4 2.5 TDI and liked that a lot, too. They liked
the 6-spd transmission, the variable-geometry turbo, the 220 km/h top speed
and the kick-in-the-back acceleration. Hey, this is a diesel!

Top Gear were also very enthusiastic about the S4 in their Motorshow
programme, and it appears that 'BMW drivers are switching to Audi in
droves' (are they really?). In any case, the allotted '98 quota of
UK-market S4s has already been sold out!

BTW did anyone see last Friday's 'Motormonth', presented from the Motorshow
as well, with both the S4 and the wild S1 in the background? Wow!


PS while testing the S4 AutoWeek came across an IN(golstadt)-registered A6,
with slightly bigger and body-coloured bumpers, full of test equipment.
They reckon it's the S6, but I'd say it's a US-market A6...

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
1988 Audi 80 1.8S, Tizianrot metallic, 213,000km

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