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Re: 5ktq Mods - Math vs Claims - long

> With tongue in cheek, Scott M., you are much more patient than some of the
> rest of us.   Re: the supercalafragilistic chip extraordinaire:
>  "Forgetaboutit" - Donnie Brasco.   What the S.O.c. is describing above has
> NOTHING to do with the chip, everything to do with the turbo and wastegate.
>   A couple of claims made are really interesting.  First, 16psi in first gear
> is NOT a chip or computer mod or turbo mod, it's a WG spring issue (baseline
> and preload), of which many on this list have some of the best.

Only if the top if the wastegate is at atmospheric (and then it would
depend on altitude).  If the chip were to flip the wastegate solenoid
over such that manifold pressure is on top as well as the bottom of
the wastegate, the spring becomes irrelevant... you could then
wait for boost to rise before doing the normal control of the
fequency valve - switching back and forth between manifold pressure
and pre-turbo (slight vacuum).

So it _can_ be done with the chip, just as it can be done with
a pressure regulator connected in place of the solenoid, or
indeed with a different spring (though as you point out later,
such a spring may prevent the wastegate opening fully).