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Re: Lost and Found. An Audi reunited with its past.

At 6:36 AM -0600 on 10/26/97, Shaun D. Mullen wrote:

> A wonderful post!  Here I was struggling to change all my clocks this
> morning (nice thing is that Windows 95 does the computer stuff
> automatically) and was feeling grumpy until I came upon your tale.  Had
Except if you live in Australia(or NZ? Can't remember) where in one time
zone they recently switched to NOT observing DST(note, this was before the
release of Win95.)  A call to MS support revealed that Microsquish didn't
care, because "at the time of coding, that time zone was still observing
DST."  Nevermind it had been 3-4 years or more.

> a vaguely similar thing happen to me about 10 yrs ago when I got an "are
> you the original owner?" call from a guy who'd bought my Volvo turbo
> wagon at auction, his first fixer-up project.  I'd let the car go at
> 262K and this guy and his mechanic couldn't believe it had the original
> clutch, which finally had gone.  I told them it had, wished the guy good
My grandfather got a call from a guy who had found an old reciept under a
seat in his stationwagon that the reseller missed when cleaning the car.
They both found it very interesting that the car had lost about 100k miles
in under two years :)


Brett Dikeman
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