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Audi 80 5+5 engine probs

My 1981 Audi 80 5+5 has redeveloped a strange problem. When travelling along
rough roads (eg dirt roads in particular) on warmer days (30 degrees Celcius
+ ) the engine loses almost all power and will not rev any faster than 2000
RPM. After switching the engine off and back on again the problem still
exists. But If I switch the engine off and wait about 5 to 10 minutes the
problem is gone. I had the same problem last year and found that my fuel
tank was rusted so I replaced it along with the injectors and had the car
tuned. After this was done I had no problems apart from the fuel pump
beginning to intermittantley whine after the injectors were replaced.
    I have checked the wiring to the fuel pump and it all seems ok. I
replaced one connection which was burnt out. Could this be a fuel problem or
prehaps a problem with the ignition. I have checked most of the wiring for
lose connections but all seem ok.

Any help greatly appreciated.


'81 Audi 80 5+5