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Re: Getting Cold Feet...?

At 09:55 PM 10/26/97 -0500, you wrote:

>Now, Iet me try to ask my question in a better way.  Am I getting ripped off
>if I pay $16,000 for this '91 200TQ w/ sunroof, Alpine CD, new timing belt,
>pearl wht, blk leather, not a mark on it, runs like a CHAMP.  This dealer
>(Prestige Porche/Audi here in Denver) tells me they paid $14k for this
>one..and that they are sooo rare..this is a fair price.

It's high - it would sit a long time at that price. At absolutely perfect I
wouldnt' go above 14.5K, and thats with every bit of documentation for every
bit of sevice and talking with the previous owner...

>Also...I am of above average conceptual capacity (?) when if comes to
>mechanics etc etc, BUT am I going to be in the shop with this thing
eventually yes..., but less than mine...

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