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Re: 5000 Climate control vacuum tubes

>>You must have one of the older units.  The new ones are solid state, vacuum
>>tubes having too long a warm-up period in the colder climates.
>>[With apologies to younger readers, on whom this attempted humour will have
>>been lost.]
>Ahh - but to a purist, there's nothing better...

Thermionics forever!  I once had a vacuum tube car stereo amplifier (Milbert
BaM-230) ... not very practical for someone living in Arizona but it sure
did sound nice.  Heck, I'm still using a vacuum tube tuner at home (modified
Dynaco FM-3) along with a vacuum tube amp (Jadis JA-80) and preamp (ARC
SP-15 mkII) and I've still got an ancient desktop-sized calculator that uses
Nixie tubes -- remember those? -- stashed in a closet.

BTW, I recall a lecture in an Intro to Electrical Engineering course I took
back in 1978 where the professor held up a vacuum tube and said "This is a
vacuum tube ... that's all you need to know about these."
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