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5K Mods & Hot Air...

With all of this talk about airflow and modifications, I did a little research:

According to Card Guard, Ltd., manufacturer of spirometry equipment for
asthmatics and the people who treat them,  the Peak Expiratory Flow (in
liters/sec) of the lungs of a normal, 25 year old male of 178cm height
(~5'10"), according to the equations published by the Intermountain
Thoracic Society can be estimated by the formula:

(0.094 * h) - (0.035 x a) - 5.99 (h in cm, a in years)


(0.094 * 178) - (0.035 * 25) - 5.99 = 9.867 liters/second

We'll round it to ten.  Now, there are 28.317 liters/cubic foot,
so this is ~ 0.353 cu. ft. / s.

So, assuming that the person(s)  could keep expelling lung gases for an
entire minute at the peak flow rate, they could generate about 21.18 CFM
of hot air!  Unfortunately, although the temperature's not too bad, it's not
pressurized enough to really help out the performance of our cars very
much.  ;-).

I'm <not> ragging on anyone in particular, I just hope something beneficial
in the way of an actually viable modification/product develops from all of
this.  If it does, I'd be really happy to consider trying and/or buying it.

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ