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Re: Best Synthetic Oil

Gerard wrote:

> Which is better: 15w60 or 5w40?

15w60 oil?  Who makes that or recommends it for use in their cars?  It
sounds like an oil with that wide of a viscosity index would need a lot of
additives to cover that wide a range.  

In the archives there's a post called "Everything you ever wanted to
know about about motor oil" and some discussions surrounding changing
intervals, oil type selection, etc. It is in:
(this is a long archive)

I just bought the full suite of Redline synthetic lubricants for my car. 
MT-90 for the transmission/transaxle, 75w90 for the rear differential. 
Although their engine oil is expensive compared to Mobil, etc., I was
buying the other stuff so I went ahead and got their 10w40 for the
engine.  I've never tried it before so I'll post my impressions after it's been
running for awhile.

BTW, to everyone, you can order directly from Redline if your regular
supplier is out of the product you want, and they ship COD.  

Best Wishes,