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Re: Best Synthetic Oil

> > Which is better: 15w60 or 5w40?
> 15w60 oil?  Who makes that or recommends it for use in their cars?  It
> sounds like an oil with that wide of a viscosity index would need a lot of
> additives to cover that wide a range.

I just asked the guy about 10 minutes ago who makes it. He tells me
the oil is Castrol Futron. I don't think I need that wide a range,
do I? Atmospheric temps I'll be in will range between -5 celcius and
+40 celcius. I haven't had the motor go much beyond 95 celcius. What
is the suggested synthetic with minimal or no additives?

> BTW, to everyone, you can order directly from Redline if your regular
> supplier is out of the product you want, and they ship COD.

Are they online?


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