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Coupe GT seat

Was pretty useless at work today, bailed early and removed driver's seat
from Coupe to clean carpet with the Little Green Machine.  Brought seat
inside and started tinkering.  Seat is now in several pieces, seat back,
seat bottom frame, seat bottom leather and foam, various bits and pieces.
 Seat bottom frame has a metal bucket form in it welded to the frame
which supports the foam.  This piece has cracked loose at all but two
points, both in the middle of each side, which allows this form to rock
front and back in the frame.  It has also deformed from its original
shape and has kind of started to buckle and collapse downward.  No wonder
I haven't been able to get comfortable in that seat for as long as I can
remember.  Anyway...  

Also some nimrod CUT off one of the hooks that secures the seat back in
it's full and upright position.  Aparently a broken release cable was
beyond this genius' grasp.   

I knew about the hook and have been half-ass thinking about replacing the
seat for a while now.  Looks like I have more reason to do so now
considering the condition of the seat frame bottom.

Is this a common failure in the seat bottom?
Or was my seat abused at some point?
Mainly, if I get another used seat, will it be likely to have the same
I can't see anyway to repair or replace the sawed-off hook, so I think I
would at least have to replace the seat back to get that piece.  

Anybody got any other ideas, differing points of view, driver's side seat
for sale with hooks and seat bottom frames intact???


Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200qw ........................ 87 Coupe GT