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Re: "Out Of Fuel" warning lamp


The 56 is an AutoCheck code which indicates number of cylinders and
engine type that the Board Computer thinks it's working with.  According
to Bentley, 56 = 5 cylinders & "all countries other than the USA and
German speaking countries/diesel engines".

So that may be part of the problem.  You don't mention it in this post
but I believe I recall from previous posts that your car is a 200 Turbo? 
Not a diesel, right?  I believe you want it to say 53 which is 5
cylinders & "all countries other than the USA and German speaking
countries/gasoline engines.

To change this you must remove the intstrument cluster and slide the
switch to position 3.  The switch is just behind the top edge of the
instrument cluster and about over the speedometer.  It is a sliding
switch marked 1 thru 6 with "Diesel" on one end of the scale and "Benzin"
on the other end.

As for the fuel range warning...  In Bentley there is a small piece
covering the correction of the fuel consumption factor to within 5%. 
I've never noticed this but apparently there is a group of dip switches
somewhere on the back of the insturment cluster that can be switched
around to give varying levels of correction.  Up to 15% + or - is

Did you get a new Board Computer recently?  These procedures are prefaced
by a comment that these need only be performed after Board Computer
replacement.  There's also a procedure for calibrating the fuel gauge,
but I get the impression that your gauge is okay.

No mention of an "empty tank" trigger though, sorry... :-)


Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200qw ........................ 87 Coupe GT