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Re: "Out Of Fuel" warning lamp

In a message dated 97-10-28 14:16:16 EST, gerard@poboxes.com writes:

<<  funny thing is that the "estimated fuel range" on the display
 computer reads in accordance with the fuel gauge. I mean, when the
 fuel-pump sign "out-of-fuel" comes on the fuel gauge is sitting over
 1/4 tank and the estimated fuel range is over 200km. >>

I, too, have experienced similar "mis-readings" on the computer - my '86
4000CSQ always displays more fuel mileage on the computer than I feel is
actually in the tank. I've never let the car run out of fuel just to see how
accurate the computer is...but I'm quite certain it's not reading properly.
Anyone else have this problem? Better question: what does one do to
re-calibrate the computer to read more accurately?

Not a major concern...more of an ultra-low priority curiosity...

thanks as always~~~

(wondering whether to consult a priest instead of a mechanic for my strange
stroke of luck brought on lately by the infamous Audi gods...)