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Quattro list newbie!

Howdy folks!

I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself (sorry for the wasted
BW).  My name is RJ Labrador and I been a fan of Quattros for quite some
time.  I'm not sure if I can keep up with the list on a "live" basis and
may "digest" it as I have done with several other lists.  Anyway, I'm
thinking of snatching my father's workhorse, an '86 5kCSTQ since he now
has a new 'Bahn burner, a '95 S6.  So far the discussion on the list is
pretty enticing and I'm sure I'll be posting questions concerning the
work that's needed to maintain/modify the 5k.  Until then, I will
continue my random searches through the archives (dang, it's boring
playing catch-up for a list!).  I am wondering though, are there any of
you from Ohio?  It's always nice to know who's nearby to help!  Any of
you autocrossing your Audis? (I guess I'll run across that in the
archives...).  Well, that's all for now - I'm looking forward to
learning _A-LOT_ from this list.  Thanks!


= '91 Honda CRX Si  <-- 150k miles
= '86 Audi 5kCSTQ  <-- 226k miles (more since odo died!)
= http://w3.gwis.com/~rowan/
= Rowan (RJ) M. Labrador, Jr.
= mailto:rowan@gwis.com