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Climate control blows hot on "LOW" setting...


I've got a '90 Audi Turbo (200 Turbo). About a month ago I had the
aircon unit regassed. It used to blow hot air all the time, except in
the mornings and when the car has been standing for a long time (ie.
when the motor and entire vehicle had cooled down). Change the aircon
gas didn't do anything, it still blows warm air when the engine is
on and the climate control is on low. Perhaps there is a vent that is
not closing properly. Could someone perhaps give me (explicit)
directions on where to go a-looking for the problem? Just where in
the engine bay are the vents (on the firewall) that feed in external
air into the cabin? It would seem the air vent feeds in engine bay
air and cancels the aircon's cooling.


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