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Re: Climate control blows hot on "LOW" setting...

Gerard wrote:
> I've got a '90 Audi Turbo (200 Turbo). About a month ago I had the
> aircon unit regassed. It used to blow hot air all the time, except in
> the mornings and when the car has been standing for a long time (ie.
> when the motor and entire vehicle had cooled down). Change the aircon
> gas didn't do anything, it still blows warm air when the engine is
> on and the climate control is on low. Perhaps there is a vent that is

I had the opposite problem, but the solution might be the same.  There
is a motor under the dash that controls the opening of vents that
controls the flow of air and the temp.  If you want I can scan the
factory tech manual for my V8 and it will go over the diagnostic steps
to test it.