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New fuel pump design

Hi list:
I have read many exchanges about niosy fuel pumps, will they fail, etc.  I
just had mine replaced on my '91 200TQ.  The old one was extremely noisy in
hot weather for about three years.  I was having problems I thought might be
due to fuel starvation, so I decided to replace.  The Audi dealer told me
the old design is discontinued in favor of a different pump.  The new pump
is cheaper, (I think it was about $130 from Linda at Carlson) but it
requires a plastic sleeve adaptor and a fuel line adaptor (both available
from Audi).  The new pump is whisper quiet!  But, it is cold now in
Colorado.  I will update after a few warm days.  I have part #s if anyone is
Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ